Rye Pre-School, Interior Foyer

The Brief
Draw congestion of people away from entry points of the building and kindergarten.

DV Design Outcome
“We had a drab, boring and uninspiring foyer at our kinder. Diane redesigned this space to make it welcoming, functional and simply beautiful. Diane was amazing to work with. She listened to our ideas and needs and then put her creative flair and pizazz to this project.” Julie Irvine, Director, Rye Pre-school

Rye Pre-School has a dual purpose; it is both a Kindergarten and a Child / Maternal Health Care Centre. As such, careful consideration was required for the revamp of the entry points and in particular to ease congestion. Taking into consideration the brief DV Design worked to create entry points that were inviting for children and adults. With a modest budget the space was reinvented with an interior that included comfortable upholstered bench seating, a play zone in an environment that possessed character. The existing stretch of wall was cleverly recreated into a chalkboard with the use of artificial grass underfoot, giving both acoustic control and a brilliant pop of bright colour. Stylized images were applied to the walls with a simple colour paint selection extending over the ceiling. Natural light was used to flood the interior to provide visual comfort. Overall, a simple interior design solution was delivered with the creative use of basic materials, custom made furniture, a colour palette and surface treatment. The end result; a practical balance of form and function.


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December 12, 2017